The 38 best full-face motorcycle helmets for 2020 – Quick reviews

This is a list with images of the 38 best full-face motorcycle helmets that you can buy in 2020. The helmets are listed according to manufacturer name, and not their rankings, which will help you navigate faster. Provided are local retailer links for the US and Canadian buyers but also for those in the UK and Europe.


For your convenience, here’s a quick list of all the motorcycle helmet brands, so you know exactly what to expect from this list or where to navigate if you already have something in mind:

  • AGV Helmets
  • Arai Helmets
  • Bell Helmets
  • Fly Racing Street
  • GMAX Helmets
  • HJC Helmets
  • Icon Helmets
  • Scorpion Helmets
  • Shark Helmets
  • Shoei Helmets

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Rating index

Two Motion ratings are assigned according to this index.

Very bad
Two Motion Ratings

AGV Helmets



“The AGV K1 is the sleekest modern looking helmet by far. Even though it’s missing a dropdown visor, it’s still high vaue for money” ~ Two Motion



“The AGV K3 SV is a great everyday helmet but the aggresive sharp chin is my first safety concern” ~ Two Motion



“The AGV K5 S is a great looking helmet and will work well on sports bikes but the dropdown visor won’t do if sitting upright” ~ Two Motion

AGV Pista GP R

(limited edition shown)


“The AGV Pista GP R is meant for the tracks where it works perpefctly but if you need something for the streets, this isn’t the right one” ~ Two Motion

AGV Corsa R


“The AGV Corsa R is good for high speed track riding as the rear scoop does a lot to keep the helmet from shaking” ~ Two Motion



“The AGV K6 is a quality basic helmet and I think AGV should consider using something similar to this helmet’s front-vent switch on their other helmets” ~ Two Motion


(carbon edition shown)


“The AGV Pista GP RR is one of the best helmets you could buy for the track and you should only consider this helmet if you are going to race with it” ~ Two Motion

Arai Helmets

Arai Defiant-X


“The Arai Defiant-X is a good looking semi-retro style helmet but it’s missing some very basic features for the price” ~ Two Motion

Arai Corsair-X


“The Arai Corsair-X is a great, solid all-rounder for the tracks or streets and can easily adjust to fit perfectly” ~ Two Motion

Arai Quantum-X / Signet-X


“The Arai Quantum-X / Signet-X is a good performing helmet that can fit everyone but it’s missing a dropdown visor to make it absolutly perfect for the price” ~ Two Motion

Bell Helmets

Bell Racestar Flex DLX


“The Bell Racestar Flex DLX is extremely user-friendly and currently one of the best looking helmets for an aggresive riding position” ~ Two Motion

Bell Qualifier


“The Bell Qualifier offers great value for money but don’t expect super refined features from this very affordable helmet” ~ Two Motion

Bell SRT


“The Bell SRT is a great helmet for those who don’t want to spend a fortune and still have good safety ratings but the shield functions as either fully open on closed” ~ Two Motion

Bell Star MIPS DLX


“The Bell Star MIPS DLX is an agressive good looking helmet and makes a good the entry level helmet for the very serious riders” ~ Two Motion

Fly Racing Street

Fly Racing Steet Revolt FS


“The Fly Racing Street Revolt FS is a great helmet for its low price while having DOT & Snell ratings but the top vents are very difficult to use” ~ Two Motion

Fly Racing Street Sentinel


“The Fly Racing Street Sentinel is great value for a the low price while having most of the basic extra features more expensive helmets have” ~ Two Motion

GMAX Helmets



“The GMAX FF49 is affordable and super basic but is exceptionally well finished” ~ Two Motion



“The GMAX FF98 is a good option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune and still have some extra features that actually work” ~ Two Motion

HJC Helmets


(HJC RPHA 70 in Europe)


“The HJC RPHA 70 ST is a great sports-touring helmet by all standards which also includes the price on it” ~ Two Motion


(Clutchlow Silverstone edition shown)


“The HJC RPHA 11 Pro is a good looking sports helmet but I’m not convinced the fancy shield lock and top vent mechanism is better that conventinal ones” ~ Two Motion



“The HJC CS-R3 is a great helmet for beginner riders that need a helmet that is simple and affordable, yet reliable” ~ Two Motion

HJC i10


“The HJC i10 is a good choice for new riders that still want the Snell rating on an affordable helmet but I’m not too keen on the shield lock mechanism” ~ Two Motion



“The HJC F70 is a good helmet with handy features and looks pretty good if the fog curtain is in black” ~ Two Motion

HJC i70


“The HJC i70 is a great sports-touring helmet at an affordable price but may be tricky to mount a com unit on the exterior” ~ Two Motion

Icon Helmets

Icon Airflite


“The Icon Airflite is a great commuting and sports-touring helmet that looks badass but a real hassle to install regular com systems” ~ Two Motion

Icon Airmada


“The Icon Airmada is good solid helmet with basic features for new riders while having a semi-aggresive look to it” ~ Two Motion

Icon Airframe Pro


“The Icon Airframe Pro is a great edition to your RoboCop outfit, yet it is well made and has most of the basic features” ~ Two Motion

Scorpion Helmets

Scorpion EXO-R420


“The Scorpion EXO-R420 is sexy, sleek and affordable which is great for when you need a rated secondary helmet for your pillion riders” ~ Two Motion

Scorpion EXO-ST1400


“The Scorpion EXO-ST1400 is a great carbon fiber helmet for the price but some basic features are lacking functionality” ~ Two Motion

Scorpion EXO-T510


“The Scorpion EXO-T510 has a good exterior shape and all the necessary features while being affordable but you will regret not buying it” ~ Two Motion

Scorpion EXO-R1 Air


“The Scorpion EXO-R1 Air is a good looking helmet that will do for faster riders but I’m not keen on the central shield lock” ~ Two Motion

Shark Helmets

Shark SWAL 2


“The Shark SKWAL 2 is a good looking helmet with built-in lighting features but offers limited fitment sizes and only one shell size” ~ Two Motion

Shark Race-R Pro


“The Shark Race-R Pro is a bit outdated regarding its features but still a good helmet” ~ Two Motion

Shoei Helmets

Shoei RF-1200

(Shoei NXR in Europe)


“The Shoei RF-1200 is an excellent helmet for the everyday rider and you should consider it if you need something that will last a long time” ~ Two Motion

Shoei GT-Air II


“The Shoei GT-Air II is an excellent helmet for touring and commuting but the rachet chin strap can be the deal breaker for many” ~ Two Motion

Shoei RF-SR


“The Shoei RF-SR is a good solid standard looking helmet but might be a little overpriced for what you are getting” ~ Two Motion

Shoei X-14

(Shoei X-Spirit III in Europe)


“The Shoei X-14 is a great highly customisable helmet for race track riders or the fast sport riders and it’s also my own personal favourite helmet to ride with” ~ Two Motion

Final words

This list was compiled from a list of over a hundred different full-face helmets that were ranked according to my personal experience. I hope this review post was helpful or, at the very least, interesting.

I always try to keep my articles interesting and informative. And I’m always thankful when they are shared on social media platforms or Pinterest.

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