Are electric motorcycles more expensive than gas motorcycles?

Electric motorcycles with similar performance are more expensive than gas motorcycles. On average an electric motorcycle with leader bike performance costs $10,104 more than a gas motorcycle with leader bike performance. This is mostly due to the cost of batteries in electric motorcycles.


In this article, we compare the prices of electric motorcycles to the prices of gas motorcycles in various categories.

We will compare the prices of the following categories:

  • Leader bikes
  • Commuters
  • Light commuters

Leader bikes

Leader bikes are typically speaking the faster category of motorcycles that are built to be aerodynamic, sleek and deliver high-performance acceleration and speed. You might also classify them as high-end sportbikes. An example of a leader bike is the Yamaha R1.

Gas-powered leader bikes

Yamaha R1$17,399
Honda CBR1000RR$16,499
Kawasaki ZX10r$15,099
BMW S1000RR$16,995

Average price: $16,498

Electric powered leader bikes

Energica Ego$22,565
Lightning Strike Carbon$19,998
Damon Hypersport HS$24,955
Lightning LS-218$38,888

Average price: $26,602

Leader bike comparison

TypeAverage price
Gas-powered leader bike$16,498
Electric powered leader bike$26,602

Average difference: $10,104


Commuters are motorcycles that are built to get you where you need to be but also don’t have any trouble riding at highway speeds. These motorcycles are generally more comfortable to ride than leader bikes and don’t have the same level of performance as they do. An example of a commuter bike is the Kawasaki Z650.

Gas-powered commuter bikes

Kawasaki Z650$6,999
Honda CB500F$6,099
Yamaha MT-07$7,599
Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight$11,299

Average price: $7,999

Electric powered commuter bikes

Zero SR/F$19,495
Energica Eva 107$21,656
Energica Eva EsseEsse9$20,930
Harley-Davidson Livewire$29,799

Average price: $22,970

Commuter bike comparison

TypeAverage price
Gas-powered commuter bikes$7,999
Electric powered commuter bikes$22,970

Average difference: $14,971

Light commuters

Light commuter motorcycles are not built for performance but can get you where you need to be. They are also not specifically built to have long ranges between trips. They are generally speaking lightweight and cheaper than most other motorcycles.

Gas-powered light commuter bikes

Honda Rebel 300$4,499
Kawasaki Ninja 400$4,999
Yamaha YZF-R3$4,999
BMW G310R$4,845

Average price: $4,836

Electric powered light commuter bikes

Evoke Urban S$7,899
Zero DS$10,995
Zero FXS$8,995
Fuell Fllow$10,995

Average price: $9,721

Light commuter bike comparison

TypeAverage price
Gas-powered light commuter bikes$4,836
Electric powered light commuter bikes$9,721

Average difference: $4,885

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Final words

Electric motorcycles are far more expensive than gas motorcycles in all the categories. You might be able to make up for it with the fuel savings but the industry leaders will have to work hard to get those prices down.

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