Can you wash a motorcycle seat?

Yes, it’s alright to use a hosepipe to clean your whole bike, including the seat. But what you put on afterwards is important, especially when you have a passenger riding with you. You should avoid using a product that will make the seat very slippery.


In this short article, we discuss if it’s alright to wash your motorcycle seat with water and what you should avoid doing if you are a new rider or have a passenger riding with you.

We will look at the following:

  • Can you wash the seat with water?
  • What you should avoid doing
  • Useful tips

Can you wash the seat with water?

Sure you can. Unless you have a hole or tear in the seat, nothing bad would happen. You should be more worried about your shoes than your seat getting wet. If you have a hole or tear, put some sticky tape over it while you work with the hosepipe.

What you should avoid doing

Obviously, this has happened to me so I know how dangerous it can be. Everyone likes a bike that is clean and shiny but do you ever think about what this means for your safety?

I’m not going to make silicon spray the devil in this post but it does have its cons. It will make your seat look brand new but also very slippery. If you’re a good rider and you think you can handle it, then it’s fine. I still use it. But avoid putting it on the passenger seat at all costs.

Not all passengers know where to hold on to. And even if they do, they might be fiddling with their visor when you decide to open up the throttle. Believe me, you don’t want a passenger falling off your bike just because you thought it looks nice.

Useful tips

These are some things that I pay attention to when washing my bike:

  • Take the seat off to clean underneath and check your toolkit
  • Don’t use the hosepipe while the seat is off because you might get water onto the air filter
  • Make sure you fit the seats back properly (very important)

Final words

I know it’s tempting to make everything on your bike shine but when it comes to the safety of a passenger whose life is your hands, the last thing you want to happen is them falling off.

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