How do bikers make money?

Bikers all have some sort of full-time or part-time job that provides them with an income, just like everyone else. Though, some bikers’ income is sponsored by travelling the world on their motorcycles, and others work for a business that their motorcycle club owns.


In this article, we discuss what bikers do for a living and how they make money. If you want to know how motorcycle clubs make money, you can read this article instead: How motorcycle clubs make money

We will discuss the following:

  • What is a biker?
  • How do travelling bikers make money?
  • How do bikers in motorcycle clubs make money?
  • How does Two Motion make money?

What is a biker?

A biker, or motorcyclist as it is more often referred to in European countries, is someone who rides a motorcycle for their own entertainment rather than for the purpose of transport.

A biker can have any age, gender, race or religion. Anyone can be a biker if they have a motorcycle and ride it for the pleasure of riding. No one may be excluded unless they don’t own a motorcycle.

You don’t need to ride a certain type or brand of motorcycle to be a biker. Many people think that all bikers belong to a motorcycle club, and this is not true. Most bikers don’t belong to a club and just ride on their own or with some friends in small groups.

How do travelling bikers make money?

Very few bikers get to travel on their motorcycles while being sponsored. I would say that most travelling bikers have some sort of online job that they do, or saved up a good amount of money throughout their career to live off.

Travelling bikers living on the road would do part-time jobs online to cover their expenses but very often don’t succeed in doing so. There are a few things that they can do as online jobs:

  • Create and monetize YouTube content
  • Build and monetize a website
  • Work as a writer for various clients
  • Do graphic designs
  • Sell photos online

Most would do more than just one of the above to diversify their income. Some of these are more difficult to do and some take a long time to start providing an income.

Building a website for example, most often takes about two years to successfully provide an income while writing, graphic design and photography is much quicker to earn money from.

But the unsaid rule is always “diversify”. If a biker were to lose one of their incomes, it would mean that still have something else to live off. And it can often happen that someone loses their income. Many people fail to renew their website or don’t get new clients.

How do bikers in motorcycle clubs make money?

Most motorcycle clubs will require a person joining their club to have a job or some stable form of income. In rare cases, a motorcycle club might start or buy a business and ask some members in the club to run it.

Besides that, bikers have fairly normal jobs like most people, or they might have their own business. Most of them have full-time jobs, so they don’t spend as much time riding motorcycles as many people would think.

How does Two Motion make money?

Good question. I make money by building small websites for clients (businesses) and maybe writing a few articles for them.

But my most substantial income comes from this website. I don’t make a lot of money from it, but it allows me to travel and work for extended periods in various countries. This would have been difficult if I were still working an ordinary job.

In my opinion, YouTube is probably the best way to make money online these days, even though I don’t really make use of it.

Final words

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