How fast are Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

The average top speed for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is around 115 mph and the average time from 0 to 60 mph is around 4.3 seconds. The fastest model, the FXDR, reaches 160 mph and the time from 0 to 60 mph is around 2.5 seconds.


In this article, we look at how fast Harley-Davidson motorcycles are and how that compares to other motorcycles.

We will look at the following:

  • How fast are Harley-Davidsons?
  • How they compare to other motorcycles
  • What does all of this really mean?
  • Video – Racing Harley-Davidson

How fast are Harley-Davidsons?

The average top speed for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is around 115 mph and the average time from 0 to 60 mph is around 4.3 seconds. I was able to calculate this from data I collected from various sources but as you can see in the table below there are still a few I was unable to find.

The collected data are all from the latest models (2019 and 2020).

ModelTop Speed0-60 mph
Livewire110 mph*3,0 sec*
Street Rod110 mph4,5 sec
Street 750110 mph4,6 sec
Iron 883105 mph5,6 sec
Forty Eight110 mph4,3 sec
Iron 1200118 mph4,2 sec
Roadster110 mph4,2 sec
Low Rider S120 mph4,0 sec
Fat Bob 114110 mph3,5 sec
Sport Glide115 mphNA
Softail Slim125 mph4,2 sec
Low Rider120 mphNA
Street Bob125 mph4,5 sec
Heritage Classic110 mph4,4 sec
Breakout 114115 mph4,6 sec
Fat Boy 114110 mph5,0 sec
FXDR 114160 mph2,5 sec
Road Glide Limited105 mph5,0 sec

*Updated 11 September 2020

How they compare to other motorcycles and vehicles

The fastest Harley-Davidson motorcycle (FXDR) just almost reaches the speed that a decent sportbike is able to do. But if you consider the fact that it’s still a cruiser, those numbers are actually quite impressive, especially the time from 0 to 60 mph.

ModelTop Speed0-60 mph
Honda CBR 1000 RR178 mph2,9 sec
Ducati Panigale V4191 mph2,8 sec
Porsche 911183 mph4,2 sec
Average H-D115 mph4,3 sec
H-D FXDR 114160 mph2,5 sec
H-D Iron 883105 mph5,6 sec

What does all of this really mean?

I would like to ask you a question; why does the top speed matter so much to you? I mean, even the Iron 883 reaches a decent speed above the national speed limit. Are you planning on taking it to the track? If not, why the hell do you care how fast it goes?

Harleys haven’t been in the racing scene since the 60s. Well, that’s not completely true (see the video at the end). They aren’t targeting the guys and gals that have a death wish, instead, they want to attract those that want to live (kinda like a liberation movement).

But we all know freedom isn’t free and the same goes for buying one of Harley-Davidson’s “freedom machines”. They are expensive and that might make you think twice before buying one. But still, they offer a lot more than speed if you have ever heard one start and idle.

Sound of a Harley-Davidson

Video – Racing Harley-Davidson

Final words

Of course, I don’t know why you would like to have this information but I hope it helps. I want to be clear on this. I love my sportbikes and a naked bike is like my spirit animal, but there’s a lot more to riding motorcycles than just going fast.

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