Motorcycles for overweight riders – Ultimate guide

Many people feel self-conscious about their weight and this is also true for motorcyclists. But the truth is the motorcycling community are one of the few that are less likely to judge you. In fact, you can look really cool, as an overweight guy or gal, if you choose the right motorcycle. It’s just like choosing the right pair of shoes to match your outfit.


In this article, we discuss why you don’t need to feel self-conscious over your weight within the motorcycling community. I’ve also put together a list of bikes that could complement your body and make you look no different from other riders or really badass.

We’ll discuss the following:

  • Why you don’t need to feel self-conscious
  • Bikes for heavy riders under $20,000
  • Bikes for heavy riders under $15,000
  • Bikes for heavy riders under $10,000

Why you don’t need to feel self-conscious

I’m not speaking out of experience at all but one thing that I can tell you is that people who make you feel bad about yourself will do so whether you are perfect or not. It has more to do with how they feel about themselves than you or anyone else.

Many people in the motorcycling community are not better, but more aware of how they treat other people. With that said, you are still going to come across riders who just don’t give a sh!t about anyone except themselves.

It kinda comes back to what I explained in one of my other articles where I explained the three different type of bikers you get. It’s somewhat relevant because of the way they think and perceive moral values.

But let’s get back to bikes. It doesn’t matter how big you are, you can still look cool if you choose the right bike. Now, I’m not saying that big guys don’t look good on sportbikes but a cruiser is just a perfect fit, no doubt.

If you don’t like cruisers, we’ll you can ride whatever you want but I’ll give you a tip for choosing the right one: A black colour makes you seem smaller on the bike.

The rest of this article is basically the top choices that I would recommend but there are obviously more. So you can check out the catalogs to find something else if you like.

Bikes for heavy riders under $20,000

Bikes for heavy riders under $15,000

Bikes for heavy riders under $10,000

Final words

Well, those are my top choices but this has a lot to do with the style of motorcycles that I like. Yes, it would be good to get other people’s opinion but I always believed that if you like the way a bike looks and sounds, it’s most probably the right choice.

I always try to keep my articles interesting and informative. And I’m always thankful when they are shared on social media platforms or Pinterest.

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