The best electric motorcycles under $10,000

We’ll look at the best electric motorcycles under $10,000 starting at $5,000. These motorcycles are some of the least expensive. A total of 5 motorcycles were chosen for this price category.


In this article, we look at electric motorcycles under $10,000 with a brief overview of each model. At the end, we’ll compare their specs to one another in various categories.

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Here are the best electric motorcycles under $10,000:

  • Evoke Urban Classic
  • Evoke Urban S
  • Super Soco TC Max
  • Zero FXS
  • Zero FX

Quick reference

Evoke Urban ClassicStandard$8,499
Evoke Urban SStandard$7,999
Super Soco TC MaxStandard$6,450
Zero FXSSupermoto$8,995
Zero FXDual sport$8,995

Evoke Urban Classic

The Evoke Urban Classic is built to be a commuter with looks that resemble those motorcycles from the past. In comparison to other models, this bike has some pretty impressive performance specs.

Urban Classic specs

Top speed81 mph / 130 kph
0-60 mph3 seconds
Range125 mi / 200 km
Wet weight395 lbs / 179 kg
Power25 hp / 19 kW
Torque86 ft-lb / 117 Nm

Evoke Urban S

The Evoke Urban S is claimed to be an Italian sport style motorcycle (I don’t really know how). Still, it doesn’t look bad at all even though it’s meant for commuters. It has an interesting reverse button feature that I haven’t seen on many motorcycles. This would be really handy to park on a hill.

Urban S specs

Top speed81 mph / 130 kph
0-60 mph3 seconds
Range125 mi / 200 km
Wet weight395 lbs / 179 kg
Power25 hp / 19 kW
Torque86 ft-lb / 117 Nm

Super Soco TC Max

The Super Soco TC Max is based on the less expensive TC model but has a motor that is separate from the wheel, unlike the integrated wheel motor of the TC. It also has a belt drive so you can be sure it’s quiet. The TC Max is also said to have shorter charging times.

TC Max specs

Top speed59 mph / 95 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range68 mi / 110 km
Wet weight229 lbs / 104 kg
Power4 hp / 3 kW
Torque133 ft-lb / 180 Nm

Zero FXS

The Zero FXS is meant to tare up tarmac and concrete pavements (but I don’t think you’re allowed to ride there). It’s really the FX model with street tires which makes it the third supermoto in this price category. There are some differences to the FXS like 17-inch rims front and back and a larger front brake disc but the price is exactly the same.

FXS specs

Top speed85 mph / 137 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range50 mi / 80 km
Wet weight251 lbs / 114 kg
Power27 hp / 20 kW
Torque78 ft-lb / 106 Nm

Zero FX

The Zero FX is a true dual-sport bike with its spoked rims and has proven to be good at off-road terrain as well. Though its range might not be able to get you from A to B more than twice, it’s actually meant to go ploughing through fields just to wind up back at A again.

FX specs

Top speed85 mph / 137 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range46 mi / 74 km
Wet weight247 lbs / 112 kg
Power27 hp / 20 kW
Torque78 ft-lb / 106 Nm


Now that you’ve been able to look at each model individually, we can compare their specs to one another.

Top speed

Evoke Urban Classic81 mph / 130 kph
Evoke Urban S81 mph / 130 kph
Super Soco TC Max59 mph / 95 kph
Zero FXS85 mph / 137 kph
Zero FX85 mph / 137 kph

0-60 mph

Evoke Urban Classic3 seconds
Evoke Urban S3 seconds
Super Soco TC MaxN/A
Zero FXN/A


Evoke Urban Classic125 mi / 200 km
Evoke Urban S125 mi / 200 km
Super Soco TC Max68 mi / 110 km
Zero FXS50 mi / 80 km
Zero FX46 mi / 74 km

Wet weight

Evoke Urban Classic395 lbs / 179 kg
Evoke Urban S395 lbs / 179 kg
Super Soco TC Max229 lbs / 104 kg
Zero FXS251 lbs / 114 kg
Zero FX247 lbs / 112 kg


Evoke Urban Classic25 hp / 19 kW
Evoke Urban S25 hp / 19 kW
Super Soco TC Max4 hp / 3 kW
Zero FXS27 hp / 20 kW
Zero FX27 hp / 20 kW


Evoke Urban Classic86 ft-lb / 117 Nm
Evoke Urban S86 ft-lb / 117 Nm
Super Soco TC Max133 ft-lb / 180 Nm
Zero FXS78 ft-lb / 106 Nm
Zero FX78 ft-lb / 106 Nm


Evoke Urban Classic$8,499
Evoke Urban S$7,999
Super Soco TC Max$6,450
Zero FXS$8,995
Zero FX$8,995

Final words

These electric motorcycles seem pretty good for their purpose but I still think we have some way to go regarding the range on most of them. Why? Because I like spending a whole day on my bike and some of you might relate.

Anyway, rapid chargers are all over the place these days, so maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

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