The best electric motorcycles under $15,000

We’ll look at the best electric motorcycles under $15,000 starting at $10,000. These are considered to be less expensive than what most electric motorcycles are priced. A total of 6 motorcycles were chosen for this price category.


In this article, we look at the best motorcycles under $15,000 with a brief overview of each one and their specs. At the end, we compare their specs in various categories.

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Here are the best electric motorcycles under $15,000:

  • Fuell Fllow
  • Lightning Strike Standard
  • Pursang E-Track
  • Savic Omega
  • Zero S
  • Zero DS

Quick reference

Fuell FllowStandard$11,995
Lightning Strike StandardSport$12,998
Pursang E-TrackDuel sport$15,000
Savic OmegaCafe$12,990
Zero SStandard$10,995
Zero DSDuel sport$10,995

Fuell Fllow

The Fuell Fllow is one of those motorcycles that don’t seem like they are very capable. True, it’s meant for the city and doesn’t have the kind of top speed that an LS-218 or Hypersport HS has, but holy crap does it have torque! A massive 553 ft-lb to be exact. That’ll get you from 0 mph to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds.

Top speed85 mph / 137 kph
0-60 mph2.7 seconds
Range150 mi / 240 km
Wet weight400 lbs / 180 kg
Power48 hp / 35 kW
Torque553 ft-lb / 750 Nm

Lightning Strike Standard

We’ve talked a lot about affordability when it comes to sport electric bikes and the Lightning Strike Standard is capable of bringing those two distant ideas closer. The Strike is actually available in three different price categories so you can choose which one would fit your budget best.

Top speed150 mph / 241 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Wet weightN/A
Power120 hp / 89 kW
Torque186 ft-lb / 252 Nm

Pursang E-Track

The Pursang E-Track is a motorcycle for on- and off-road use. Though it just barely made it into this price category, it’s great for riding rough terrain in style (imagine cabin life in the woods). Still, it could get you up to highways speeds.

Top speed75 mph / 120 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range87 mi / 140 km
Wet weight324 lbs / 147 kg
Power15 hp / 11 kW

Savic Omega

The Savic Omega is the least expensive model from Savic to satisfy those cafe bike enthusiasts with a bit less change in their pockets. It has a very convenient top speed too. Honestly, why aren’t we seeing more of these around?

Top speed100 mph / 160 kph
0-60 mph5.5 seconds
Range75 mi / 120 km
Wet weight375 lbs / 170 kg
Power34 hp / 25 kW
Torque81 ft-lb / 110 Nm

Zero S

Zero has been at the frontline of producing electric motorcycles for many years now and they seem to have most of the motorcycle categories covered with of their models. The Zero S is one of them that successfully covers the standard road bike category.

Top speed98 mph / 158 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range89 mi / 143 km
Wet weight313 lbs / 142 kg
Power46 hp / 34 kW
Torque78 ft-lb / 106 Nm

Zero DS

The Zero DS is a variant of the Zero S but is built more towards being a dual-purpose bike that is as comfortable on gravel as it is on asphalt. Notable differences are the knobby tires, different handlebar and mudguard. It also features a fully adjustable suspension.

Top speed98 mph / 158 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range82 mi / 132 km
Wet weight317 lbs / 144 kg
Power46 hp / 34 kW
Torque78 ft-lb / 106 Nm


Now that you’ve been able to look at each model individually, we can compare their specs to one another.

Top speed

Fuell Fllow85 mph / 137 kph
Lightning Strike Standard150 mph / 241 kph
Pursang E-Track75 mph / 120 kph
Savic Omega100 mph / 160 kph
Zero S98 mph / 158 kph
Zero DS98 mph / 158 kph

0-60 mph

Fuell Fllow2.7 seconds
Lightning Strike StandardN/A
Pursang E-TrackN/A
Savic Omega5.5 seconds
Zero SN/A
Zero DSN/A


Fuell Fllow150 mi / 240 km
Lightning Strike StandardN/A
Pursang E-Track87 mi / 140 km
Savic Omega75 mi / 120 km
Zero S89 mi / 143 km
Zero DS82 mi / 132 km

Wet weight

Fuell Fllow400 lbs / 180 kg
Lightning Strike StandardN/A
Pursang E-Track324 lbs / 147 kg
Savic Omega375 lbs / 170 kg
Zero S313 lbs / 142 kg
Zero DS317 lbs / 144 kg


Fuell Fllow48 hp / 35 kW
Lightning Strike Standard120 hp / 89 kW
Pursang E-Track15 hp / 11 kW
Savic Omega34 hp / 25 kW
Zero S46 hp / 34 kW
Zero DS46 hp / 34 kW


Fuell Fllow553 ft-lb / 750 Nm
Lightning Strike Standard186 ft-lb / 252 Nm
Pursang E-TrackN/A
Savic Omega81 ft-lb / 110 Nm
Zero S78 ft-lb / 106 Nm
Zero DS78 ft-lb / 106 Nm


Fuell Fllow$11,995
Lightning Strike Standard$12,998
Pursang E-Track$15,000
Savic Omega$12,990
Zero S$10,995
Zero DS$10,995

Final words

Trying to put together this list is rather strange since most of these motorcycles have very different purposes. The result was just a very long list (longer than the others) that has something of everything. I guess I’m trying to say that soon there will be enough to make separate lists of each category of electric motorcycle.

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