The best electric motorcycles under $20,000

When looking for your next electric motorcycle, you’ll probably have a price in mind. Here we’ll be looking at the best electric motorcycles under $20,000. A total of 6 electric motorcycles were chosen for this price range.


In this article, we look at electric motorcycles under $20,000 starting at $15,000. We’ll have a brief overview of each model and at the end, we’ll compare their specs to one another in various categories.

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These are the best electric motorcycles under $20,000:

  • Lightning Strike Carbon
  • Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range
  • Savic Delta
  • Tarform Model I
  • SR/S Standard
  • SR/F Standard

Quick reference

Lightning Strike CarbonSport$19,998
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-rangeSport$16,998
Savic DeltaCafe$16,990
Tarform Model ICafe$18,000
Zero SR/S StandardSport$19,995
Zero SR/F StandardNaked$19,495

Lightning Strike Carbon

When Lightning introduced their iconic LS-218, many commented that it was too expensive even though it was the world’s fastest production motorcycle at the time. The fact is, it was truly never meant for the everyday rider.

But Lightning’s Strike Carbon is a lot closer to what the everyday rider wants with a much lighter price tag. Still, the amount of power and torque that it produces is way above what most gas-powered motorcycles have today.

Strike Carbon specs

Top speed150 mph / 241 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range200 mi / 322 km
Wet weight455 lbs / 206 kg
Power120 hp / 89 kW
Torque186 ft-lb / 252 Nm

Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range

If you thought the Carbon edition of the Strike is still a bit too expensive, you’ll be happy to know that the Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range has a $3,000 lighter price tag with similar performance from the motor. My guess is that the standard editions will host lower-cost parts like brakes, suspension, etc.

Strike Standard Wid-range specs

Top speed150 mph / 241 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Wet weightN/A
Power120 hp / 89 kW
Torque186 ft-lb / 252 Nm

Savic Delta

Savic (pronounced: /ˈsavij/ ) Motorcycles is one one of those companies that saw an opportunity in the market and did well to get in there. Out of their three models, they have one that fits this price category called the Savic Delta.

It’s a darn good looking cafe electric motorcycle that I would imagine to be great to ride along the Great Ocean Road in its home country, Australia. It’s classy, looks really solid and easy to work with.

Delta specs

Top speed100 mph / 160 kph
0-60 mph4.5 seconds
Range93 mi / 150 km
Wet weight419 lbs / 190 kg
Power54 hp / 40 kW
Torque103 ft-lb / 140 Nm

Tarform Model I

Another innovative brand that produces cafe style motorcycles is Tarform. Currently, they haven’t released a name for their first production model, so we’re calling it the Model I for now.

Their approach is to build these motorcycle using biomaterials that are mostly 3D printed. If you’re planning to save the world, you may as we’ll do it in style. So far, production is set to start in 2021.

Model I specs

Top speed93 mph / 150 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range129 mi / 208 km
Wet weight350 lbs / 159 kg
Power53 hp / 40 kW

Zero SR/S Standard

The Zero SR/S Standard is one of the top models from Zero and the first from them in the sportbike category. It’s exciting because more and more manufacturers are producing top-notch sportbikes that outperform most gas-motorcycles in their class.

This one has 110 horsepower and 140 ft-lb of torque and still has a decent amount of range. Though it just barely made it into this price category, the looks might possibly make up for the higher price.

SR/S Standard specs

Top speed124 mph / 200 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range200 mi / 322 km*
Wet weight498 lbs / 226 kg
Power110 hp / 85 kW
Torque140 ft-lb / 190 Nm

*with power tank

Zero SR/F Standard

One of very few decent electric naked bikes out there is the Zero SR/F Standard. The SR/F and the SR/S are essentially the same platform. The most notable difference is the fairings along with lower footpegs on the SR/F for a more comfortable ride in the city.

You would really mistake it for a good looking gas-naked from a distance. But when you get closer, you see the naked engine is actually a huge naked battery that fits perfectly in this machine.

SR/F Standard specs

Top speed124 mph / 200 kph
0-60 mphN/A
Range200 mi / 322 km*
Wet weight498 lbs / 226 kg
Power110 hp / 85 kW
Torque140 ft-lb / 190 Nm

Spec comparison

Below are the different categories in which we can compare all the motorcycles.

Top speed

Lightning Strike Carbon150 mph / 241 kph
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range150 mph / 241 kph
Savic Delta100 mph / 160 kph
Tarform Model I93 mph / 150 kph
Zero SR/S Standard124 mph / 200 kph
Zero SR/F Standard124 mph / 200 kph

0-60 mph

Lightning Strike CarbonN/A
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-rangeN/A
Savic Delta4.5 seconds
Tarform Model IN/A
Zero SR/S StandardN/A
Zero SR/F StandardN/A


Lightning Strike Carbon200 mi / 322 km
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-rangeN/A
Savic Delta93 mi / 150 km
Tarform Model I129 mi / 208 km
Zero SR/S Standard200 mi / 322 km*
Zero SR/F Standard200 mi / 322 km*

*with power tank

Wet weight

Lightning Strike Carbon455 lbs / 206 kg
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-rangeN/A
Savic Delta419 lbs / 190 kg
Tarform Model I350 lbs / 159 kg
Zero SR/S Standard498 lbs / 226 kg
Zero SR/F Standard498 lbs / 226 kg


Lightning Strike Carbon120 hp / 89 kW
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range120 hp / 89 kW
Savic Delta54 hp / 40 kW
Tarform Model I53 hp / 40 kW
Zero SR/S Standard110 hp / 85 kW
Zero SR/F Standard110 hp / 85 kW


Lightning Strike Carbon186 ft-lb / 252 Nm
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range186 ft-lb / 252 Nm
Savic Delta103 ft-lb / 140 Nm
Tarform Model IN/A
Zero SR/S Standard140 ft-lb / 190 Nm
Zero SR/F Standard140 ft-lb / 190 Nm


Lightning Strike Carbon$19,998
Lightning Strike Standard Mid-range$16,998
Savic Delta$16,990
Tarform Model I$18,000
Zero SR/S Standard$19,995**
Zero SR/F Standard$19,495**

**excluding power tank (additional $2,895)

Final words

In my own opinion, these are all motorcycles worth buying. Their performance specs are pretty acceptable even though you would expect more for these kinds of price tags. But I guess the amount of tech in them makes up for it. Or does it…?

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