Things that only bikers need

Many things appear across various sports or activities. For example, helmets are used by bikers, horseback riders, mountaineers and many others. But there are a few things that bikers need that are used by them and them alone.

These are things that only bikers need:

Boot sliders

No other sport or activity requires your shoes or boots to have sliders. This is one of the things that are unique about motorcycle boots.

Sliders are there to protect your boots from the road as you lean in around corners. Still, it’s one of those things that will stay shiny on most motorcyclist’s boots as if they don’t lean as much. You might be able to tell how their sliders look like just by looking at the tires on their bike.

Soles on top of boots

Motorcycle boots often have this piece of sole on top of the left boot. Although, for some reason, my boots have them on both. Maybe it for when you shift gears on a bike riding next to you…

These top soles are there to protect your boots from wearing out when shifting up gears on a normal motorcycle. In the case of MotoGP motorcycles, it is used to shift down gears.

For decent motorcycle boots, the shifter wouldn’t wear out the boots. But for white boots like mine, you would notice very quickly if they weren’t there as the shifter leaves a black mark on your boot. It’s even noticeable on brown boots that don’t have this top sole.

High-neck jackets

Huh… what?

Yes, this is something that bikers need but don’t realise yet. If you are one, I can tell you that you won’t ever have to slow down again to hear people talking over the com set.

High-neck jackets cover the riders neck up to the helmet. It’s an extra layer of soundproofing and keeps the wind out. These jackets make it 10x better to ride on a motorcycle. Once you had one, you can’t do without it again. Still, it depends on how hot it is…

Infinite number of GoPro mounts

This one is just for fun… There are few people today that don’t ride without a GoPro or some similar camera. Although camera mounts aren’t exclusive to motorcycling, no other sport or activity makes as much use of the wide range of various mounts out there. Some ride with multiple cameras on a daily basis.

Final words

It was certainly difficult to set up this list and caused a lot of havoc asking everyone what they thought about it. Do you think I got it right?

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