What fuel do MotoGP bikes use?

MotoGP bikes are only allowed to use unleaded petrol as a fuel, but it must still meet the requirements set out by FIM and be tested for the technical directors a few days before the race starts.


In this article, we discuss what fuel MotoGP bikes use and who supplies the fuel they use. We also discuss what other specifications or requirements there are on the fuel they use.

We will discuss the following:

  • The type of fuel MotoGP bikes use
  • The suppliers of fuel for MotoGP bikes
  • Other specifications for the fuel in MotoGP bikes

The type of fuel MotoGP bikes use

All MotoGP motorcycles must be fuelled with unleaded petrol that meet the specifications set out by FIM.

Below is a table containing the specifications for fuel used in MotoGP bikes:

PropertyUnitsMin.Max.Test Method
RON95.0102.0ISO 5164
MON85.090.0ISO 5163
Oxygen% (m/m)2.7ISO 22854
Benzene% (v/v)1.0ISO 22854
Vapour Pressure
kPa90EN 13016-1
Leadmg/L5.0EN 237
Density at 15 °Ckg/m3720.0775.0ASTM D 4052
minutes360ASTM D 525
Existent gummg/100
5.0EN ISO 6246
Sulphurmg/kg10ASTM D 5453
Nitrogen% (m/m)0.2ASTM D 4629
Copper CorrosionRatingClass 1ISO 2160
At 70 °C% (v/v)22.050.0ISO 3405
At 100 °C% (v/v)46.071.0ISO 3405
At 150 °C% (v/v)75.0ISO 3405
Final Boiling Point°C210.0ISO 3405
Residue% (v/v)2.0ISO 3405
Olefins(*)% (v/v)18.0ISO 22854
Aromatics(*)% (v/v)35.0ISO 22854
Total di-olefins% m/m1.0GCMS / HPLC
Source: 2020 FIM GP World Championship Regulations (update 01/06/2020)

The suppliers of fuel for MotoGP bikes

The way in which fuel is supplied differs in each class of MotoGP racing. In the premier class, known as MotoGP, each team can choose their supplier. But the supplier will have to make sure their fuel meets the requirements set out by FIM. They will need to supply 10-litre samples a few days before each race for testing.

MotoGP classSupplier
MotoGPVarious (supplier per team)
Moto2Single (supplier per season)
Moto3Single (supplier per season)

Other specifications for the fuel in MotoGP bikes

There are a lot of rules around the type of fuel and how the fuel is used in a MotoGP bike. We’ll briefly discuss some of the specifications around this:

Fuel pressure

The fuel pressure regulator may only reach a maximum of 10 bar with 50 liter per hour flow rate. The regulators are tested, sealed and certified before being installed. The technical director may request to have the fuel regulator removed and inspected at any time.

When refueling is allowed

Refuelling is only allowed in the pitlanes before the race starts and if the fuel has been inspected. Teams are not allowed to add or remove fuel during the race with the exception of a race restart.

Fuel tempretures

Fuel in the motorcycle may not be more than 15°C below ambient temperature and is checked by a technical scrutineer before the fuel is transferred from the container to the bike. The ambient temperature is declared by race officials 75 minutes before the race starts.

Fuel tanks

For the rider’s safety, fuel tank caps must be leak-proof and the handlebar must allow at least a 30mm gap when fully turned to either side. This is so that a rider’s hand does not get cramped between the handlebar and tank in a crash or fall.

Fuel quantity

MotoGP class bikes are allowed a maximum of 22 litres (5.81179 gallons) of fuel during a race.

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