Which bike is best to impress a girl?

You should NOT buy a bike just to impress a girl. But if you do, there are only three types of motorcycles that you should be looking at. These would be cruisers, sportbikes and naked bikes. Most girls or ladies would be impressed if you ride one of these types of motorcycles.


In this article, I refer the best motorcycles in various price categories that will most likely impress girls. I also have a section at the end that explains why you should not buy a motorcycle just to impress girls (or, a girl). You can skip that part if you like but… dammit, just read it!

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for anyone’s “love life” after they read this, nor will I be held responsible for the money they spent trying to impress a certain lady.

We will discuss the following:

  • Cruiser motorcycles for impressing girls
  • Sportbikes for impressing girls
  • Naked bikes for impressing girls
  • What else do you need to do?
  • Why you should NOT buy a motorcycle to impress a girl

Cruiser motorcycles for impressing girls

I can’t believe I have to say this out loud. You’re not going to impress anyone with a look-a-like cruiser. Nope, a Rebel 300 just won’t do it. If you want to buy a cruiser that will impress a girl, it needs to sound like a cruiser and not just look like one.

We’re talking about American V-Twins here, for best results. And I’m not American, so you be sure that’s not just a thing that people say for the sake of saying something.

Sure, there are other non-American cruisers that will sound good and maybe do the job, but not as many though. Don’t be surprised because these lists are painfully one-sided towards Harleys.

So here are the lists:

Cruisers under $20,000

Cruisers under $15,000

Cruisers under $10,000

Sportbikes for impressing girls

It’s important that you understand what a sportbike is before you just go buying one. First of all, many bikes look like sportbikes but then they have tiny engines in them. This is no good.

Why? Because 50% of the impression your motorcycle produces comes from the sound (maybe not 50% but I’m sure it’s somewhere around there).

You preferably want a four-cylinder engine (there are a few exceptions of course) to produce that attractive sound.

For those that need explaining, noise isn’t what makes it sound appealing. You don’t need to go opening up the throttle and limit the engine. A subtle purring bass from the motorcycle is what you need.

“It should be intimidating even while it is only idling”

Two Motion

Here are the lists:

Sportbikes over $20,000

Sportbikes under $20,000

Sportbikes under $15,000

Sportbikes under $10,000

Naked bikes for impressing girls

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we go on. There is a difference between a naked bike and a standard bike. I’m not going to explain all the differences here in this article but it’s important that you know there is a difference.

Naked bikes can gain you a lot of attention while usually being less expensive than sportbikes and are quite easy to ride. Although, there are only a few that will really do the job of impressing a girl.

There are literally only a few, so this one short list:

What else do you need to do?

Don’t go riding in a T-shirt and shorts. Yeah, maybe someone will be impressed by it but for the majority of us motorcyclists or bikers, you’re just the next delivery on it’s way to the morgue.

Where a helmet, riding boots and all of that stuff. If you don’t have one, get one. You have to budget for gear as well when you buy a motorcycle, so don’t think you can just buy a bike and that’s it.

As I mentioned before, the idea isn’t to make a lot of noise with your bike. There are certain techniques we use to make a bike sound better without opening up the throttle or even getting aftermarket pipes.

It doesn’t feel right giving out this information to someone who just wants to impress girls… but you can read about it in this article.

I guess I should probably tell you not to do anything stupid, but since you’re buying a bike for the wrong reasons, I highly doubt it’s worth saying.

Anyway, don’t do anything stupid.

Why you should NOT buy a motorcycle to impress a girl

So you want to buy a bike to impress the girls? Okay, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t. First of all, if you’re not into motorcycles, why do you want to spend so much money just to impress them?… dumbass!

If money is not a problem for you, then I guess it doesn’t matter.

Secondly, if you want to impress someone specific, don’t you think you’re going a bit overboard? You’re kind of changing your lifestyle. What if you decide that you don’t like riding motorcycles? Do you think she’ll still be interested in you?

If not, then you need to think this through (don’t skip this step).

But if so, why buy a motorcycle in the first place? Look, if you like it and you are really interested in riding motorcycles, sure go ahead. But don’t do it for anyone except yourself.

So if you’re serious about this and genuinely committed to buying a motorcycle for your own sake, you should probably learn a thing or two about them.

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Final words

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