Message to the manufacturers


I keep a strict standard for images in my catalogues. Photos of motorcycles must be of ‘left-view’ (motorcycle facing to the right) and with a white/clear background without vignette. Natural shadows of the motorcycle are preferable (see example below).

Example image:

image: left-view (facing to right)

Also note that images may be resized to be proportional to models from other manufacturers. This allows for a more user-friendly comparison of motorcycles.

User interaction

The Two Motion™ Motorcycle Catalogue uses a ‘beneficiary flow format’ to navigate users. This means that acts as a middleman between the users and the manufacturers.

In essence, a user will be able to view basic information about each brand and their models but will always have a link available directly to the manufacturer’s website for that specific model to obtain more detailed information.

User traffic flow chart:

Traffic flow

Legal information

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